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Coming Soon: Here’s What’s to Expect in the 7.7 One-Key App Update

The 7.7 One-Key app update is just around the corner, and it’s an exciting one for us. Here’s what...

Product Spotlight: MX FUEL™ Sewer Drum Machine w/ POWERTREDZ

Milwaukee®’s Sewer Drum Machine w/ POWERTREDZ (MXF501) is now here. The Sewer Drum Machine is the...

Now Here: 7.5 Simplifies Uploading Inventory in Bulk

Good news: The new One-Key app update is now live! Here is what you get in the 7.5 app update:  

Now Here: 7.4 Adds Long-Awaited Alerts Reporting

Good news: The 7.4 app update is live. It adds Alerts Reporting, which was previously delayed to...

Coming Soon: Alerts Reporting and Improved App Onboarding, + What’s Already Here

The 7.3 One-Key app update is just around the corner and we have a lot in store for you. 

Announcing: Milwaukee® ONE-KEY™ integration with Autodesk Construction Cloud™’s BIM 360®

Exciting news: One-Key now integrates with leading construction management platform, Autodesk...

Now Here: 7.2 Adds Custom Roles and Improved Coin Cell Alerts

Good news: The new 7.2 One-Key app update is here! 

Coming Soon: Custom Roles Debuting in 7.2 App Update

We’re excited that more exciting changes are coming to One-Key that will help...

Now Here: 7.0 One-Key App Update Adds Multi-User

7.0 is officially here and marks a significant day for the ONE-KEY™ platform: ...

Product Spotlight: ONE-KEY™ Asset ID Tags

We’re proud to announce the newest product in Milwaukee’s lineup of construction inventory...