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ONE-KEY™ Resources

Now Here: 8.10 Adds Improved Tool Tracking Experience + More

Hot off the presses! The 8.10 ONE-KEY™ app update has been deployed and can now be downloaded from Apple’s App Store or Google’s Play Store depending on whether you’re running iOS or Android software on your smartphone. 

Product Spotlight: MX FUEL™ ROCKET™ Tower Light/Charger

Milwaukee®’s ROCKET™ Tower Light/Charger (MXF041) is now here. This Rocket Tower is the latest...

Now Here: 8.8 App Update & Status Update on Improved Add-To-Inventory Experience

Now Here: Web Location History + New Add-to-Inventory Coming Soon!

Product Spotlight: M18 FUEL™ 1/4” Blind Rivet Tool

The new M18 FUEL™ 1/4” Blind Rivet Tool, from Milwaukee®, is here! This tool represents...

Now Here: 8.2 Brings Back Tool Management Reports Back Online

Great news! The 8.2 app update is now live, and with this release, it’s a short one: 

Status Update: Tool Management Down for Repair (Here’s What That Means for You)

Back in December, we unveiled in our 7.7 One-Key app update a new, exciting feature for the web:...

Product Spotlight: MX FUEL™ CARRY-ON™ 3600W/1800W Power Supply

Milwaukee®’s MX FUEL™ CARRY-ON™ Power Supply (MXF002-2XC) is now here. This power supply is the...

Now Here: 8.0 Brings Tool Kitting to One-Key

Good news: The 8.0 One-Key app update is now live!  

You can now group your bulk inventory...

Coming Soon: 8.0 App Update Adds Tool Kitting for Smoother Construction Inventory Management

Exciting news: The 8.0 One-Key app update is just around the corner!  

At Milwaukee®, we’re...