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Now Here: 8.8 App Update & Status Update on Improved Add-To-Inventory Experience

Contractor with with inventory management app on smartphone scans nearby devices

Good news: the 8.8 app update is now live, adding the previously mentioned Add-To-Inventory flow after some delays, contrary to some conflicting app store release notes (which we’ll discuss in more detail).   

Now Here: 8.8 App and Improved Add-To-Inventory (iOS)

If you checked the previous app update communication article for 8.6, you’ll have seen some disclaimers we added to clarify on the add-to-inventory feature (which was originally slated for 8.7).  

Necessary changes required the team to use agility and quickly change course. The priority was to address issues that would have caused this feature to function improperly had we pushed it live as scheduled. With this in mind, we apologize for any inconvenience and confusion these scheduling changes may have caused, especially with conflicting app store release notes that incorrectly communicated that this feature was live when it, in fact, wasn’t. This is one challenge we face as a multiregional application—finding the balance between providing up-to-date information, ahead of a release and adding padding for translations. When unforeseen changes arise, it sometimes is too late to submit a revision to release notes that have been submitted to the app stores. 

With all of this necessary explanation out of the way, we’re happy to report that the new and improved add-to-inventory functionality has been rolled out for iOS.  

To recap: This feature allows for:  

  • Adding many One-Key compatible tools all at once by allowing you, when scanning for nearby devices, to tap “add” next to any and all of the items you’d like to add, rather than having to manually scan for and add each item individually in the early iteration of adding these items.  
  • Adding Milwaukee Combo Kits  in addition to other Milwaukee® tools (COMING SOON).  NOTE: full functionality supporting adding Milwaukee tools and combo kits is still being worked on in part and is expected to be live in 8.9, just a few weeks from now.

Two iPhone devices display updated add-to-inventory functionality

NOTE: This feature is live across North America, Australia, and New Zealand regions, but is still being worked on for the EMEA region to be released at a later date.

For support to guide you through these new add-to-inventory flows, check out our updated support articles:

What’s next 

  • Keep an eye on our YouTube Channel as we’ll be publishing updated videos with the updated functionality. 
  • This feature has been rolled out for iOS and will be being added to Android in a later release.  

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