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Construction Safety Topics: Hidden Liabilities and Risk Management

By nature, construction a dangerous occupation, the #1 most dangerous across all industries in fact, according to the Bureau of Labor statistics; tragically, in 2019 alone, for instance, 1,061 construction workers died on the job. According to the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA), 1 in 5 deaths among U.S. workers occur in the construction industry.

Smart Glasses: Fleeting Novelty or Construction Industry Game-Changer?

City Information Modeling: The Real-World SimCity

Our cities are convoluted messes. Designing them to operate smoothly before breaking ground is a...

Construction Gamification: Building & Construction Games for Design Inspiration

In this publication, when it comes to construction design, we typically discuss innovative...

The Surprising Power of a Factory Tour

It’s not just about marketing; it’s about engaging people in solutions to real problems. 


The Most Underutilized One-Key Features (+ Common Misconceptions)

Megastructure: Decadent Past or Sustainable Future?

In his 2010 piece entitled “Who Will Build the Ark?”, writer and urban theorist Mike Davis posited...

LEED Construction: What is LEED Certification? | How to Become LEED Certified

Construction projects, though traditionally emissions-rich, occupying a large environmental...

Sustainable Construction: How BIM and Sustainability Conceive Green Space

Careers in Construction: How to Become a Remodeler