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Now Here: 8.10 Adds Improved Tool Tracking Experience + More

Contractor in yellow gloves operates smartphone with One-Key construction inventory app

Hot off the presses! The 8.10 ONE-KEY™ app update has been deployed and can now be downloaded from Apple’s App Store or Google’s Play Store depending on whether you’re running iOS or Android software on your smartphone. 

 In this app update, you’ll get:  

  • Find Item” – this feature helps you more easily sense the proximity of a tool with an improved UI component that acts as a sort of “hot” or “cold” sensor (we’ll discuss below). Available on iOS and Android. 
  • Audit My Items” (now available to Android users as a public beta).  

Now Here: “Find Item” Feature (iOS and Android)  

We’ve heard feedback with respect to the Bluetooth® tool tracking functionality within the app and have added some improvements to make the experience to finding a tool more seamless.   

Assuming that tool tracking-contingent Bluetooth® and location permissions are enabled on your iOS or Android-based smartphone, you will now be able to get a more precise idea of where a tool or piece of equipment is within 100 feet of where you are located.  

Read why these settings are necessary 

Called the “Last 100 ft Experience," this feature is compatible on all One-Key enabled tools. So, what does “Last 100 ft” actually mean? Think of it like this. If One-Key Bluetooth® tracking functionality gets you in the general ballpark of where your items are located, this new feature is designed to get you into the dugout, where you’ll be able to look around and find where your item is hiding, maybe obscured out of direct view under a baseball hat.  

See what this experience in the app looks like below (on iOS, left, and Android, right, respectively)!    

Two smartphones (iOS, left; Android, right) display "Find Item" proximity tool to detect nearby impact driver


When you open an item’s details, you’ll see an option to “Find Item,” which, when tapped into, will open the new tool you see above. Just tap the “Blink Light” button to enable it, and the green bar will fill, or un-fill, based on how closely you are to the item.    

Think of this “Weak” or “Strong” sensor kind like how you might describe someone getting “colder” or “warmer” when playing party games to indicate their closeness or proximity to a right answer or discovery. If you walk in one direction, and the bar signal strength starts to descend toward “Weak,” you’re moving in a direction opposite of where One-Key detects your item to be. By the same token, if the bar starts to ascend toward “Strong,” you’re getting… “hot… hotter… hotter… you’re on fire!” We hope this tool will help improve your experience with One-Key’s tracking functionality, getting you in a closer proximity of where we detect your item to be (within 100 ft), where you should be able to eyeball it from there. 

Learn how to use this feature on iOS and Android 

Now Here: “Audit My Items” Feature (Android)  

While you have been able to perform an inventory audit from your mobile device to detect what’s available (or missing) in the tool crib, in your van, or at a given jobsite, you can now perform an “Audit My Items” function, or aka: personal audit, which serves to determine where items assigned to specific people are.   

4 Android smartphones display personal inventory audit sequence

This feature is being offered as a public beta, available to all Android users. We'd love your feedback, and if you're interested in helping make this feature better, drop us a line at 

Other Items of Note 

Aside from the ongoing bug squashing and performance improvements to be expected of our agile development methodology that we’ve attended to in this update, we’ve also added support to the following products, which are now fully compatible with the app:   

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