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Product Spotlight: ONE-KEY™ Asset ID Tags

We’re proud to announce the newest product in Milwaukee’s lineup of construction inventory management and tool tracking solutions: One-Key Asset ID Tags

June 15, 2020 One-Key Team
One-Key is the top pick for construction companies of any size looking for an inventory management platform to boost their productivity and improve operations. We deliver a collaborative (and free) tool management experience that you, as the owner of equipment, can oversee and govern. With the addition of One-Key Asset ID Tags, we are continuing to round out or tracking options so that they can be affordably deployed across your company’s equipment, creating real-time visibility and a single source of truth for a multi-jobsite inventory. 

What is an Asset ID Tag?   

One-Key Asset ID Tags are durable adhesives that can attached to any or all your equipment. They prominently feature a 2D code on the front that can be scanned with the One-Key app using your phone’s camera, automatically updating the tags’ locations with each scan. 

The Asset ID Tag differs from the traditional barcodes with, some simple design enhancements that help it perform better in jobsite settings: 

  • 2D matrix code scans more easily and accurately than a traditional barcode. 

  • Constructed with a more heavy-duty adhesive that won’t peel as easily as a traditional barcode. 

  • Constructed in heavy-duty materials that will withstand harsh jobsite environments and maintain their scanability for the life of the tool.  

Offered in 4 sizes, One-Key Asset ID Tags are made with the right materials for the different types of surfaces you’ll be sticking them to (plastic or metal). Milwaukee Tool takes care in design to make sure that these tags survive anywhere your equipment goes. That means offering the best resistance to water, chemical exposure, and adhesion in significant fluctuations in temperature.  

Fade and scratch protection ensure that your tags will remain easy to scan for as long as they’re attached to your equipment, cutting back on the regular replacements of worn out barcodes. 

How Does an Asset ID Tag Provide Me Location Data for My Item?  

When the Asset ID tags are scanned using the One-Key app with a cellular or Wi-Fi enabled device, we will pull location data off of the scanning device and give you this tracking location info right within the inventory item’s dashboard. This process will happen with every scan, unlike barcodes that traditionally only offer scan-out capabilities.  

When Would I Use a One-Key Asset ID Tag versus a TICK™️ Tool and Equipment Tracker?  

Tick tool trackers offer advanced Bluetooth® tool tracking capabilities that lend themselves well to securing expensive items with automatic tracking location updates on items as they’re seen by our network—tools and equipment frequently passing between jobsites.  

Asset ID tags are perfect for lower priced items—such as hand tools and job carts—or for items that a Tick would not fit on. They are also a great compliment to equipment with Tick, helping to speed up the transfer process when you’re tooling up or down. 

Using One-Key Asset ID Tags on the Jobsite 

One-Key Asset ID Tags offer a variety features to help streamline your flow of inventory. Easy tool identification and simple inventory audit functionality already exists within the One-Key app, allowing you to quickly ID unfamiliar tools and equipment and get them where they’re needed. 

Potential One-Key Asset ID Tag applications: 

Enterprise inventory management is no walk in the park. With One-Key Asset ID Tags, we hope to make your life a little easier—legacy scanning functionality that exists in the app gets easier with 2D codes, and durable adhesions and overall construction that has been jobsite-tested.  

How will you tag your assets? 

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