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Product Spotlight: ONE-KEY™ Bluetooth® Tracking Tag


We’re pleased to announce the newest product in Milwaukee® Tool’s lineup of tool tracking hardware: The One-Key Bluetooth Tracking Tag. 

What Is a Bluetooth Tracking Tag 

A Bluetooth tag is a small piece of tracking hardware that can be added to any item in order to track it, such as:  

  • Medium to high-value power tools  
  • Heavy equipment 
  • Generators 
  • Ladders 
  • Lifts 
  • Material handling 
  • Trailers 
  • Outdoor equipment 


How Does the One-Key Bluetooth Tracking Tag Differ from TICK™  

First announced in 2017, the TICK Tool & Equipment Tracker was an innovative product that filled a gap in the market. Since then, we have expended our product offering by launching our Asset ID Tags, a professional-grade barcode.The TICK Milwaukee Tool’s into the tracking hardware space. It gave contractors a professional, construction-grade Bluetooth tracker that offered versatility with a low-profile design, multiple attachment options, and the ability to withstand the harshest jobsite conditions. 


Since then, Bluetooth tracking technology has advanced significantly and we’re proud to release a product that: 

  • Resolves the common pain points users of TICK have communicated to us 
  • Delivers additional features, as well as improved in-app functionality, that will improve the end user’s overall tracking experience with this product 

One-Key Bluetooth Tracking Tag Features  

The One-Key Bluetooth Tracking Tag is a Bluetooth tag that seamlessly integrates with Milwaukee Tool’s One-Key app, a free inventory app built for contractors. Our app includes software features that give users the ability to add tools and equipment of all manufacturers and integrate QR code scanning procedures that draws on your mobile device’s built-in camera, making it a comprehensive inventory system. 


New to the Bluetooth tracking space? Learn more about how community Bluetooth tracking works and the differences between Bluetooth and GPS tracking. 

Key Product Features and Industry Innovations of the One-Key Bluetooth Tracking Tag:   

  • Built-in near-field-communication (NFC), and a scannable QR code, offers a simple 2-step activation process. 
  • Built-in speaker (with 3 buzzer sounds) increases findability by allowing you to ring your tracking tag within 100ft if the product it’s attached to is not physically visible. 
  • Accelerometer provides information on the last time equipment was used. 
  • Professional-grade durability and weather-proof construction built to withstand harsh jobsite conditions, abuse, shock, drop, and extreme temperatures not seen in consumer-grade trackers. 
  • IP68 rating, the most durable on the market. 
  • 300ft Bluetooth range, or 3X greater range than the TICK.  
  • Compact design with 30% smaller footprint offers versatile attachment capabilities. 
  • Powered by an internal battery with a 3-year run time that is maintenance free. 
  • Available in 1-packs, 2-packs, and 10-packs.  

Featured Product Support Articles   

General guidelines to improve tool tracking 

  • One-Key leads the industry with the largest community Bluetooth tracking network. However, as a community Bluetooth tracking application, in order to see more location updates, the more users in the app within your area, the better. You can improve your experience in the app (particularly on remote jobsites) by ensuring everyone on the job is in the app. 
  • Ensure location services and Bluetooth permissions on your device are enabled (location allows us to triangulate where your tools are located in relation to you and provide location updates, and Bluetooth allows for you to be able to scan for nearby devices). Learn how on Android and iOS 

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