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Announcing: Milwaukee® ONE-KEY™ integration with Autodesk Construction Cloud™’s BIM 360®

Milwaukee One-Key now integrates with Autodesk Construction Cloud BIM 360

Exciting news: One-Key now integrates with leading construction management platform, Autodesk Construction Cloud™’s BIM 360®! This integration is an important step forward in our continued path toward making One-Key the premier enterprise construction inventory management platform that customers can rely on for every stage of the building process.

August 13, 2020 One-Key Team

What Is BIM 360?

BIM 360 is a comprehensive construction management suite offering a host of solutions to streamline construction workflows and improve productivity through the entire building process.

Why Integrate with BIM 360?

A common question we hear in construction is,

Should I get a construction software that is very specialized, or rather general to cover a lot of ground?

As we see in debates about becoming a generalist or a specialist in practically any field, the caveats abound:

  • Specialized: Too laser-focused? (i.e., can’t see the whole picture?)
  • Generalist: Not focused enough? (i.e., can see the forest but not the individual trees?)  Milwaukee Tool and Autodesk believe that when it comes to construction technology, the key is using integrated software.

Integrations like this one with BIM 360 (which we’re very excited about!) we believe are important precisely because they allow for separate software suites, renowned in their own realms, to seamlessly communicate and adjoin—delivering a strong construction software ecosystem in which multidisciplinary teams can work in harmony. Ending the specialist or generalist construction software debate for good. Why not both? Integrating with BIM 360 lets your tool team, in charge of the day-to-day flow of inventory and your building teams in the field, communicate more fluently with the teams at the back office – the architects, engineers, and project managers.

One-Key and BIM 360 Integration: When Will It Be Live, How Does it Work?

This integration is now live and very simple for you to turn on. Just go to your profile page in One-Key on desktop. There will be a “Link Accounts” button that you press, and voilà, you’ll be able to transfer important data between your One-Key and BIM 360 accounts. If you need help navigating to the integration page within One-Key, we’ve put together a One-Key— BIM 360 integration support article that will show you how to integrate your accounts as well as how to use the various features this integration supports.

Once you’ve linked your One-Key and BIM 360 accounts, you’ll be able to import projects and contact information from BIM 360.

You’ll even be able to send digital torque reports generated in One-Key directly to  BIM 360 – providing a quick and easy way to share important quality and verification information to confirm that your installations are going smoothly.

Milwaukee One-Key/BIM 360 Integration: Moving Jobs Forward

This integration with BIM 360 creates a repository of usable data on jobsites, increasing productivity and building excellence through collaboration. This cements One-Key as the leading enterprise inventory management platform in the construction and building industry.

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