Product Spotlight: MX FUEL™  BREAKER

The new Milwaukee 14" cut off saw, powered by the new MX FUEL battery system, effortlessly cuts through rebar

The Milwaukee® 14’’ Breaker (MXF368) is now here. The Breaker is the latest installment of the MX FUEL™ platform, Milwaukee’s groundbreaking entrance into the light equipment market with a revolutionary cordless system that is fully compatible with One-Key, giving you the added benefit of automated tool management

History of Breakers in the Construction Industry  

Traditional jackhammers are bulky and heavy, which makes operating them awkward. Just like a gas saw, when you use them over the course of a career, prolonged exposure to vibration while using them creates the risk of developing white finger disease. What’s more: requiring lots of power, these tools are one of the main offenders of breaker-box trips. If you’re using gas, the noise and gas fumes emitted are a heavy cost to ditching the extension cord. 

Milwaukee Breaker: Revolutionizing the Demolition Process 

The MX FUEL Breaker solves all these problems. Its lightweight build and smooth delivery make it more maneuverable and versatile, offering you more control in a variety of demanding applications. It is battery-powered, and its anti-vibration body limits excessive vibration and noise, delivering 70% lower vibration, and allowing you to use it more effortlessly in the most demanding of applications.  

In addition to being less stress on the body, the MX Fuel Breaker also performs better than traditional jackhammers. Producing 50 ft/lbs. of torque, it delivers a 35% faster demolition rate.  With 1XC battery, you can break 2 tons, a 40’ trench measuring 12” wide x 6’ deep. Or you can break up 2+ sidewalk slabs measuring 5’ x 4’ x 6” deep.  

So, in other words: what you’re getting is a safer and more effortless demolition experience, and performance that leaves traditional jackhammers in the dust. 

Learn more about the BREAKER and the MX FUEL System.

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