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Product Spotlight: REDLITHIUM™ XC406 Battery Pack

Milwaukee®’s REDLITHIUM™ XC406 Battery Pack can be tracked using the ONE-KEY app

Milwaukee®’s REDLITHIUM™ XC406 Battery Pack, the power plant of the revolutionary MX FUEL™ system, is now here.  

This battery pack, the first ever ONE-KEY™ compatible battery capable of being tracked by our tool tracking system, is the latest installment of the MX FUEL platform, a groundbreaking cordless system that revolutionizes the light equipment market by:  

  • Increasing performance capabilities, run-time, and durability of jobsite equipment 

  • Ending dangers associated with exposure to emissions, vibration, noise pollution, and trip hazards 

  • Making equipment easier to use, lighter weight, and portable 

MX FUEL Trackable Battery  

The battery platform that powers the MX FUEL system consists of two options: 

  1. (COMING SOON): REDLITHIUM™ CP203 Battery Pack (MXFCP203): Powerful while lighter weight and smaller size, ideal for applications where weight and mobility are critical. Capable of 45-minute recharges. Fits all MX FUEL equipment.  

  1. REDLITHIUM™ XC406 Battery Pack (MXFXC406): Provides maximum power and runtime for all applications. Capable of 90-minute recharges. Compatible with One-Key and can be tracked and secured with the rest of your connected equipment. Fits all MX FUEL equipment. 

MX FUEL batteries provide the power that lets your equipment:  

  • Cut Up To 5” Depth in Reinforced Concrete  

  • Break Up To 2 Tons of Concrete  

  • Core 6” Holes Through Reinforced Concrete  

  • Clear Roots at 200ft 

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