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Product Spotlight: MX FUEL™  14’’ Cut-Off Saw

The new Milwaukee 14" cut off saw, powered by the new MX FUEL battery system, effortlessly cuts through rebar

The Milwaukee® 14’’ Cut-Off Saw (MXF314) has arrived. This Cut-Off saw is the latest installment of the MX FUEL™ platform, a groundbreaking cordless system that revolutionizes the light equipment market. 

May 5, 2020 One-Key Team

History of Cut-Off Saws in the Construction Industry  

Traditionally, cut-off saws are slow to start, unwieldy to work with, and a hassle to maintain. To begin, you mix gas and oil, an important but tough starting point, considering that the wrong combination could cause engine failure. Once you’ve fueled up, there’s the process of getting the engine started—choking and pull starting until you can get it to turn over, if the engine doesn’t flood in the process. Getting the saw running is half the battle. Now you must reconcile excessive noise and gas fumes, often dictating when and where you can work. Gas engines cause a lot of vibration, and handling them over the course of a career can take a toll on your hands (Vibration White Finger). Then, you also have to consider how much you spend on routine maintenance: spark plugs, fuel lines, carburetors, filters, gaskets, grommets & bulbs will constantly take down machines and need repair. 

Milwaukee Cut-Off Saw: Revolutionizing the Cutting Process 

The MX FUEL Cut -Off Saw was built to put an end to the frustrations we all have experienced with the "tired and true” solutions in this space. Battery power means no mixing gas, pull-starting, exhaust fumes, vibration, or excessive noise. Even better: no more costly engine maintenance. The saw runs on a battery, providing you with a safer, simpler experience that gas-powered cut-off saws can’t beat. Cordless, you’ll have more maneuverability, and taking into account that it produces up to 50% less noise, you can very well operate it wherever, or whenever, you need—indoors, outdoors, in open or confined spaces. Producing less vibration, you’ll also feel empowered to operate it longer, more precisely, delivering smoother cuts. 

It also delivers a high degree of performance: The fastest cuts from start to finish, the ability to cut more material in a single pass, as well as the same cut speed leading 2-cycle gas saws.  

With 1 XC battery, you can cut 7’ in concrete, 5” deep.   

  • 5 cuts in an 8” cast iron pipe  

  • 4 cuts in an 8” ductile iron pipe 

  • 26 cuts in an 8” PVC pipe  

  • 53’ cut in corrugated deck 

  • 11 cuts in 8” cinder block  

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