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Product Spotlight: MX FUEL™ ROCKET™ Tower Light/Charger

A Milwaukee light tower illuminates construction site with two workers walking opposite directions

Milwaukee®’s ROCKET™ Tower Light/Charger (MXF041) is now here. This Rocket Tower is the latest installment of the MX FUEL™ platform, a groundbreaking battery-powered system of equipment that revolutionizes the light equipment market.   

Jobsite Lighting Historically  

A common problem we face in construction is keeping the jobsite well lit. Traditionally, you’ve had two options: gas-powered lighting and AC-powered lighting. With gas-powered lighting, you need to haul around tow-behind light towers, which are difficult to transport and maneuver on jobsites. They’re also costly, quickly racking up monthly rental costs and fuel costs needed to operate. If you prefer the AC-powered alternative, you face a lack of durability needed on the jobsite, with old technology not intended for long-term use. They’re also not conducive to inclement weather faced on jobsites. They require extension cords, which have become the OSHA inspector’s punching bag. The high levels of power they consume can be a significant drain on the available resources you have on site. 

MX FUEL Rocket Tower: Revolutionizing Jobsite Lighting  

The MX FUEL™ ROCKET Tower Light/Charger is the jobsite lighting solution you’ve been waiting for. With its unassuming footprint when not in use, its portability, the best in the industry, is miraculous, allowing you to easily maneuver on site, in- or outdoors with its rugged 8” wheels. Extending up to 10’, it illuminates tasks and widespread areas below with its output of up to 27,000 lumens, making it the brightest battery-powered light in the industry. Four adjustable light heads allow for both task and area lighting. Outriggers allow it to be held steady in unstable terrain, and withstand 35mph winds, maintaining the same wind rating as many gas-powered units. 

A contractor with smartphone in hand connects to nearby Milwaukee light tower

But even better than that, it has the most One-Key compatibility of all MX Fuel Equipment. With One-Key, you can:   

  • Control the light output from your mobile app, anywhere on site or off 
  • Schedule and optimize performance runtime that will adjust the output and give constant illumination for the job at hand 
  • Check remaining battery charge to know when it’s time to change out the battery 
  • When plugged in, you can also use it as a charger for other items on site 

Learn more about the MX FUEL™ Equipment System!

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