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October 2021: What’s New in One-Key?


Over the last few incremental releases, we’ve added a couple new features and improvements.  

Here’s a snapshot of what we’ve released since the 8.11-8.15 app updates. 

  • Search and scan functionality: We’ve improved how you find items, people, or places across the mobile app (iOS).  
  • “Audit My Items”: You can now audit items assigned to a specific person (iOS). 
  • Kit Transfer: When initiating an item (or items’) transfer, you can now choose to transfer whole kits you’ve already assembled in your inventory (Android and Web).

Let’s take a deeper look at what was added from 8.15-8.19 

8.15 App Update: What’s New (iOS)?  

You can now take advantage of a new “Audit My Items” feature. This has also been called “personal audit” internally, and it will add a new layer of accountability by allowing you to choose a specific person to whom inventory is assigned, and to audit these assignments. How many items, assigned to a given person, are past due for service or have been marked missing, for example. It will also prove helpful for individual teammates to self-audit their personal inventories to get a handle on what needs their attention. 

The gif below gives you a visualization of this feature seen in action. 


This feature has been released as an open beta for iOS in the 8.15 app update and is available to all markets. 

8.16: What’s New (iOS, Android, and Web)?  

The 8.16 app update was a big one with some useful features across all platforms.  

Let’s take it by each feature. 

Redesigned Search and Scan Functionality (iOS) 

We’ve made it easier to find items, people, or places across the app by adding search bars in more prominent locations.   

For example, when you launch your mobile inventory, a prominent search bar at the top, accompanied by a barcode scanner button, jumpstarts your task at hand: whether that’s an item you have on-hand you want to scan to bring up its item information or searching for specific items across your inventory via keyword. We’ve also added these search bars to “places” and “people”—that way, as your team and your ops grow, you can more quickly search and find the exact job or teammate you’re looking for.  

See below where these images appear in the app. 


Kits Added to Transfer (Android and Web) 

Additionally, we’ve pulled our popular “tool kitting” into transfers. This way, if you need to transfer a full kit somewhere else—a new job or back to the crib, for example—you can do that all in one fell swoop rather than having to disassemble the kit to send individual items.   

The gif below gives you a visualization of this feature seen in action. 


This feature has been released to web and Android. 

So, what about 8.19? Released today, 8.19 only addresses minor bug fixes and general performance improvements, same as 8.17 through today’s update. We recommend updating to the newest app update that addresses any bugs to date that have been squashed. 

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