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Coming Soon: 7.0 App Update (See What’s Planned)!

We have some exciting upcoming updates to announce and for you to look forward to!  

Product Spotlight: REDLITHIUM™ XC406 Battery Pack

Milwaukee®’s REDLITHIUM™ XC406 Battery Pack, the power plant of the revolutionary MX FUEL™ system...

Now Here: 6.11 Adds COVID-19 Education, MX FUEL™ + Beefed Up Privacy Settings

The 6.11 ONE-KEY™ app update is now here. Here’s everything you need to know: 

Product Spotlight: MX FUEL™  Handheld Core Drill with Stand

Milwaukee®’s 14’’ Handheld Core Drill (MXF301) is now here. The Core Drill is the latest...

Product Spotlight: MX FUEL™  BREAKER

The Milwaukee® 14’’ Breaker (MXF368) is now here. The Breaker is the latest installment of the MX...

Product Spotlight: MX FUEL™  14’’ Cut-Off Saw

The Milwaukee® 14’’ Cut-Off Saw (MXF314) has arrived. This Cut-Off saw is the latest installment...

Now Here: MX FUEL™ Equipment, Compatible with ONE-KEY™

If you haven’t heard, MX FUEL™ is here. What’s MX Fuel? 

Now Here: 6.10 One-Key App Update. Guest Permissions Retired

We have some pretty big news and a lot of great stuff in the works for ONE-KEY™ that we’d like to...

6.7 App Update: One-Key Integrates with Procore

The 6.7 One-Key software update is now here, and it’s a release we’re particularly excited to tell...

Announcing: One-Key & Procore Integration

We have some BIG NEWS to share with you. We're pleased to announce that we've officially partnered...