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The Rise of Bluetooth® Tracking Tags in the Construction Industry

We’ve previously written about the rise in equipment tagging in the construction industry. 

Product Spotlight: ONE-KEY™ Bluetooth® Tracking Tag

We’re pleased to announce the newest product in Milwaukee® Tool’s lineup of tool tracking...

The 7 KPIs of Construction Safety: Metrics to Measure on the Job

Construction is an extremely dangerous occupation presenting numerous risks. Even in the modern...

Careers in Construction: How to Become a Safety Manager

There is nothing more important than safety in the workplace. This axiom is especially true in an...

4 Attributes of a Great Inventory App Built for Contractors

Did you know that, on average, contractors spend 80 minutes a day waiting for materials to arrive?...

How Does a GIS (Geographical Information System) Work?

Construction isn’t simply a matter of putting the correct materials together in the proper order....

Container Craze: Are Shipping Container Houses Actually Cheaper?

The use of shipping containers in home design and construction has been on an upswing. A report...

Green Cities: How to Make a Sustainable City

The dominion of the fossil fuel economy is largely to blame for climate change, but we hone our...

October 2021: What’s New in One-Key?

Over the last few incremental releases, we’ve added a couple new features and improvements.  

October 2021: Construction Industry News Roundup

What is the state of the industry?