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Thought Leadership

Tricks of the Trade: Try These Inventory Best Practices as New Year’s Resolutions

Smart Cities Examples: The Smart, the Not-So-Smart, and the Ugly

How Construction Technology is Revolutionising the Industry

Green Renovation and Adaptive Reuse: A Sustainable Alternative to New Construction

Go for a drive in any direction. It won’t be long before you see it: an abandoned home, a...

The Rise of Offsite Construction

BIM to GIS: How Do GIS and BIM Work Together?

Does the Job Stop in Winter? Cold Weather Construction Safety Tips

With winter fast approaching, we must prepare ourselves. Will it be a wonderland? Or a “...

Tracking Tag vs Asset ID Tag vs TICK™: What’s the Difference?

As we’ve previously discussed, the adoption of equipment tagging continues to rise among...

The Rise of Bluetooth® Tracking Tags in the Construction Industry

We’ve previously written about the rise in equipment tagging in the construction industry. 

The 7 KPIs of Construction Safety: Metrics to Measure on the Job