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Modular/Prefab vs Traditional Construction: Why the Industry's Embracing Offsite Build Methods?

For years, as technology has burst onto the scene and has rapidly evolved, the construction and...

Careers in Construction: Plumbing Job Description, Outlook, Pathways

Plumbing is one of the most vital yet overlooked professions in the construction industry.  

Constructive Careers: Why Young People Should Build a Future in the Construction Industry

There’s plenty of work in construction, but workers? That’s another story entirely, and one in...

Android 11 and Tool Tracking: Everything You Need to Know about Location Data Changes

Android 11 was recently launched and it changes how third-party apps can ask for device location...

iOS 14: What “Precise Location” Means for Tool Tracking and Why You Need It Toggled On

In recent years, Apple has been on a mission to protect user privacy and we applaud them,...