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Coming Soon: Here’s What’s to Expect in the 7.7 One-Key App Update

A tool room manager operates One-Key inventory management app on smartphone to review tool location history

The 7.7 One-Key app update is just around the corner, and it’s an exciting one for us. Here’s what to look forward to in couple of weeks:  

December 4, 2020 One-Key Team
  • Tool location history. We’re adding a more sophisticated, comprehensive item history so you can put into greater context where each of your tools have been over the course of its life in the field. 
  • Tool management reports. What was previously known as “inventory reports,” we’ve streamlined and built upon. You can now build more robust inventory reports to better manage your tools and equipment, and to share important information between team members, inspectors, and customers. 

Coming Soon: (Improved) Tool Location History 

The tool location history of past admittedly hasn’t told the full story, giving you only the most recently seen locations. This easily single point of information can come in handy when trying to locate tools, but there is plenty more tool location data that can be leveraged to help you make better decisions. 

Soon, you’ll be able to: 

  • Get a timeline with additional locations where your tool has been during the last 30 days from last seen. You’ll be able to trim this down to trace your item’s whereabouts, verify its usage in the field, or provide a detailed location history to authorities should the item go missing or get stolen. 

  • View and zoom in and out on an interactive map that shows where each item has been seen. This will help you put into context the life of your tool in the field.  

Coming Soon: Tool Management Reports  

Our new Tool Management Report feature will bring more functionality to the reporting for your inventory as a whole while streamlining the report builder into the new, enhanced reporting format we’ve recently brought to you with digital torque wrenches and alerts.  

The Tool Management Reporting feature will break down the report building process into 3 simple steps:   

  1. Item selection. Step 1 will allow you to: 
    • Organize and prioritize the data that’s yielded in your report by two (primary and secondary) levels of grouping, such as by Places, People, item Status, or Category.
    • Select up to 5 criteria related to your inventory items. These “Display” options can be rearranged in your report with a simple drag and drop display menu so you’ll be able to prioritize certain relevant information about your tools and equipment you want to report out on. Options include: Model/Description, Tool Number, Days on Site, Last Seen, Value, Barcode Number, Place they’re assigned to, Person they’re assigned to, Status, Serial Number, Division, Manufacturer, Last time scanned, Purchase Date, Purchase Location, Coin Cell Level.

    • Additional finetuning “filters” such as displaying One-Key compatible tools.

  1. Report formatting. With step 2, you will be able to:

    • Name/rename your report.

    • Add contact info for both your company and customers. 

    • Include relevant notes for your report recipient. 

    • Include a high-level summary of what’s included in your report.
    • Include a signature for a signoff. 

  2. Download options. In step 3, you’ll be able to:

    • Preview your report and make sure everything looks as it should.

    • Download your report as either a PDF or CSV, so you can save to your computer and print off or email it to its recipient. 

What’s Coming Next?  

Soon, we’ll be publishing support articles on our One-Key Support Site and YouTube channel to highlight these new features and take you throw how to use them. Be sure to bookmark this page and subscribe to our YouTube channel to ensure you’ll be notified when we publish this support content. 

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