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Now Here: 6.10 One-Key App Update. Guest Permissions Retired

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Milwaukee One-Key tool tracking and inventory management app releases version 6.10

We have some pretty big news and a lot of great stuff in the works for ONE-KEY™ that we’d like to share with you.  

April 16, 2020 One-Key Team

But first, a recap 

Our last major app update was at the end of January. The big news there: We’ve integrated with Procore®. If you missed this news, this is important because it allows for: 

  • Empowered cross-functional teamwork.  

  • An easier communication sync between the back office and the jobsite. 

  • Streamlining the construction process and helping to eliminate “double work” and redundancies between teams. 

  • Transparency with automatic reporting.  ​

​Since the Procore integration, you may have noticed we’ve released two additional updates, with very detailed release notes: 

A screenshot of the version history of the One-Key tool tracking and inventory management app

These “general performance improvements” denote small but important bug fixes and streamlining that assist to make the One-Key app experience faster and smoother for you.  

The Meat and Potatoes: What’s Changed in 6.10 

Now that we’ve got that recap out of the way, there is one big change that has arrived with 6.10 and that we think is important we’re up front about.  

The Elephant in the Room: Guest Access is Gone 

The biggest, most apparent change with 6.10 is that Guest Access has been retired. This feature allowed you to distribute one guest login among your team members so they could interact with your One-Key account.   

All the feedback we got around the guest user was that it was just a half-step to what teams actually needed to work better, together: 

  • We are in the process of creating a better replacement for the guest user functionality, where each user in the system has their own login, and custom permissions you can create. We call it Multi-User. 

  • We are currently incorporating feedback we received from our testers of this new feature that we want to tweak before we release it to the masses. 

  • If you prefer to wait, we plan on releasing the functionality to the public once our testers give us the thumbs up. We expect that to be later in the summer.  

Stay Safe. Stay Productive.  

We’ll have some more news for you as we put the finishing touches on this new functionality. 

We also want to let you know that we’re here to help you if you need it. As we all deal with the unprecedented situation of COVID-19, we know that our industry is uniquely affected. 

Our One-Key support team is working remotely to ensure your questions are answered and that any issues you experience with the app are quickly addressed. 

We’ve also put together some CDC-approved tips for cleaning your power tools and to help you safely transfer equipment from one jobsite to another.  

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