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Product Spotlight: MX FUEL™ Sewer Drum Machine w/ POWERTREDZ

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Plumber drains sewer using auto-retracting drain snake attached to Milwaukee MX FUEL Sewer Drum Machine w/ POWERTREDZ

Milwaukee®’s Sewer Drum Machine w/ POWERTREDZ (MXF501) is now here. The Sewer Drum Machine is the latest installment of the MX FUEL™ equipment platform, a groundbreaking cordless system that revolutionizes the light equipment market.

November 13, 2020 One-Key Team

History of Sewer Machines in the Plumbing Industry

It shouldn’t come as a shock to anyone that sewer drum machines are very heavy. This essential piece of equipment often pushes over 200lbs, requiring two people to get set up and operate. If you're a one-person show: that’s a call to your buddy every time you need help getting it in place. They’re corded, and feature foot-actuated air pumps that are not durable and offer little, if any, control. To make adjustments, they feature an unintuitive twist knob feed that leads to a long reaction time to stop the cable once it hits the blockage. These machines also require high amounts of power, often leading to tripping breakers.

Sewer Drum Machine: Revolutionizing the Service Call


The MX FUEL™ Sewer Drum Machine w/ POWERTREDZ (MXF501) helps you simplify service calls and increase productivity by streamlining your process and delivering the power to clear roots at 200’. It features POWERTREDZ™ lift assist, which allows for one-person transportation in and out of your service van and up and down stairs. CABLE DRIVE™ automatically feeds and retracts the cable for your convenience. RAPID STOP™ releases bearings to stop cable from feeding or retracting. The enclosed drum also provides the best protection against spinning components, containing messes.

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