Product Spotlight: MX FUEL™  Handheld Core Drill with Stand

Milwaukee MX FUEL core drill safely cores through a concrete wall

Milwaukee®’s 14’’ Handheld Core Drill (MXF301) is now here. The Core Drill is the latest installment of the MX FUEL™ platform, a groundbreaking cordless system that revolutionizes the light equipment market. 

May 7, 2020 One-Key Team

History of the Coring in the Construction Industry  

Coring is always a challenging assignment. At the point in time in which you’re coring on a job, the building typically lacks a lot of the needed power infrastructure to run high-draw equipment. This adds time to your process: locating outlets, running extension cords, and avoiding the trip hazards these create. Then, there’s the power limitations, the possibility of overloading breakers. Then you get to the coring itself: not for the faint of heart. As clutches wear and degrade over time, you start to feel more reactionary torque. Bits bind, and every contractor has a story about someone being taken for a ride when that spin transfers back to the operator.  

Milwaukee Handheld Core Drill: Revolutionizing the Coring Process 

The MX FUEL Core Drill resolves all the issues that you’ve come to expect with traditional options in this space. It redefines the coring experience in a cordless, handheld solution that has yet to be seen. Its clutch design helps you experience more control and feel less torque, providing a smooth coring experience, and the Auto-Stop™ feature prevents you from losing control of the drill in a bind up situation.  

It also delivers high performance, the fastest drilling, with a performance gauge that coaches you to the optimized drilling pressure—so you can drill more efficiently. It has a 6” bit capacity, and enough power to core 6” holes in reinforced concrete. An LED level helps maintain accuracy throughout the application. 

The runtime, too, is impressive.  

With a 1 CP Battery, you can core: 

  • (9) 3” holes in block 
  • (5) 3” holes in 6” concrete slab 

With 1 XC battery, you can core: 

  • (18) 3” holes in block 
    (10) 3” holes in concrete slab  

Some additional features of the core drill: 

  • Integrated pressure gauge helps provide the more efficient drilling pressure to maximize productivity and runtime 
  • LED level ensures accurate holes when operating handheld 
  • An optional compact stand allows you to turn your handheld core drill into a lightweight, rig-mounted solution 
  • Onboard water connection allows for dry and wet coring applications 

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