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Now Here: 7.0 One-Key App Update Adds Multi-User

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Construction worker uses smartphone's camera to scan a One-Key asset ID tag

7.0 is officially here and marks a significant day for the ONE-KEY™ platform: The much-anticipated Multi-User is now live

Multi-User is a huge leap forward to solidifying One-Key as the leading enterprise inventory management platform for organizations of all sizes. If you’re after a solution to help projects progress more smoothly, you’re in the right place. 

June 16, 2020 One-Key Team

The Multi-User functionality, as the name suggests, allows for multiple users to join a single One-Key account. This means you can get your team set up in the system with their own login information, which will let you to more easily share your equipment assignments without losing control of who has access to what. You will serve as the account admin, assigning logins and roles, with the functionality being rolled out in two phases: 

  1. Assigning new users to 1 of 5 preset roles, each with varying degrees of account access and permissions  

  1. Assigning them to a more tailored level of permission by creating your own permissions with the new custom role feature (COMING SOON

Multi-User: Inviting ‘Members’ 

Multi-User has replaced the legacy “Guest Account” or “Guest Permission” One-Key feature. Previously, your team could gain access to your account through the creation of a “Guest” login password. This meant that any team member would have to share one login.   

With Multi-User, you can assign any team member their own login and decide what they have access to. To do this, you’ll use the admin section of your One-Key account to send your team member an invitation to join your account.  

You can learn more about this process by checking out our support article on Multi-User invitations

Additionally, if your team member needs help accepting a Multi-User invitation (or if you are a team member in need of assistance), they can also check out this support article under the section on accepting Multi-User invitations. 

Coming Soon: Multi-User Custom Roles 

One of the biggest items of feedback we received from our Multi-User beta test was the desire to have more control over the level of permission you assign to team members.  

The ability to customize these roles will soon be possible, granting the ability to pick a preset role and build off of it to add or subtract permissions (e.g., to view, to edit, etc.). The advantage of this approach is that you can modify a role that has already been structured out as opposed to starting from scratch, which may be time-consuming.  

This functionality is expected to debut with our 7.2 launch. We’ll have a support article, available to you on our One-Key app support site, to help you get started with creating your first custom role! 

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