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Now Here: 7.2 Adds Custom Roles and Improved Coin Cell Alerts

Illustration announces 7.2 One-Key app update with screen on 'custom roles' modal

Good news: The new 7.2 One-Key app update is here! 

Here’s what it adds: 

  • Custom roles  

  • Improvements to coin cell alerts

August 5, 2020 One-Key Team

Custom Roles

Custom Roles is a new unique feature within Multi-User, allowing you to tailor team members’ permissions and level of access by building off of a default role. 

Computer screen displays One-Key construction inventory management web app open to multi-user role breakdown

Background on Multi-User Roles and Custom Roles Development  

7.0 added  Multi-User  admin, allowing you to  invite new  or  existing people  to join your account as members with their own login, and assign them to  1 of 5  roles  that correspond to a certain tier of account access.     

Feedback requesting a more tailored approach to assigning roles led us to new functionality that allows you to modify an existing role rather than having to stick to our defaults.  

This approach has a couple advantages: 

  • It saves you time from having to manually create new roles from scratch. Start from one of the five pre-formed roles, and add or subtract the permissions you need. 

  • It saves space. We had the option to allow you to add new roles as duties change and positions within your organization evolve, but this would quickly create a lot of outdated roles and data overload that would be increasingly overwhelming. Instead, like the evolution of these job duties, the ‘custom roles’ feature allows you to fluidly modify any of your existing roles as needed. No more static level permissions. 

Without further preamble, let’s see how it works! 

Improved: Coin Cell Alerts  

We’ve also made some updates to our coin cell battery alerts. There is a certain degree of inaccuracy that exists within coin cell readings in general. Because of this, reporting a precise percentage that accurately reflects the remaining life of your coin cell battery is tricky. It also doesn’t tell you much—for example, 50% in school would be failing, but if that percentage was referring to your iPhone battery, you likely wouldn’t skip a beat. 

Thus, we’ve updated them to better communicate what a coin cell battery range can mean to you. 

One-Key construction inventory management mobile app displays coin cell battery level in item's detail page

Once you’ve logged onto the One-Key app, when you’re on the “Item Detail” screen of any of your One-Key compatible tools or TICKs, under "Item Info,”  you’ll see one of the following coin cell call-outs: 

  • Great – if the coin cell battery’s life is between 100% and 76%  

  • Good – if the coin cell battery’s life is between 75% and 51%  

  • Fair –  if the coin cell battery’s life is between 50% and 26%  

  • Poor – if the coin cell’s battery life is between 25% and 11%  

  • Dead – if the coin cell’s battery life is between 10% and 0%   

Additionally, we’ve added new “helper text” to help explain what a given reading means. 

One-Key construction inventory management web app display's TICK equipment tracker coin cell level as dead

Coin cell level is obviously important for TICKs that run off of a small coin cell battery. However, we’ve also incorporated a coin cell battery into every One-Key compatible tool as a safety and security measure. This ensures that, even when they aren’t connected to a battery, they use an internal coin cell battery to send tracking information to the One-Key app. Thus, it’s important to keep an eye on your One-Key compatible tool’s internal coin cell battery level and take steps to change it should it get to a dangerously low level. 

One-Key construction tool tracking web app displays coin cell level in smart tool as ‘poor’

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