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Coming Soon: 8.0 App Update Adds Tool Kitting for Smoother Construction Inventory Management

A contractor pulls a Milwaukee circular saw out of a PACKOUT stack

Exciting news: The 8.0 One-Key app update is just around the corner!  

At Milwaukee®, we’re dedicated to creating a central repository of construction data to help you manage your operations with greater visibility and adaptability. In keeping with this tradition, we’re adding some great new functionality that will help you digitize your tool room operations: Tool Kitting.   

January 12, 2021 One-Key Team

What Is Tool Kitting?  

You likely already have practices in place to coordinate sending large swaths of inventory to the job. This might include tool tagging practices, like barcoding and asset ID tags, and crating your assets to their destination in a job box.  

 We’ve taken these inventory practices into account when going to the drawing board and developing a usable feature centered on digitizing the tool kitting process. 

Soon (deployed with the 8.0 app update), you’ll be able to access tool kitting features from both our mobile and web-based apps: 

  • Web app: You’ll soon be able to back up your tool kitting process in the crib as you add items to your job box. From your desktop or laptop computer, when accessing the One-Key web-based app, you’ll soon be able to group items by creating a tool “kit.” This feature will be accessible from your inventory dashboard, where you’ll be able to add items by search term or set filters (status, tool assignments, manufacturers, etc.) to quickly find and add exactly what’s needed. Once all your items are added, you’ll be able to name/tag or barcode your kit (job box) and assign it to where it’s going.  

  • Mobile (iOS and Android) apps: To speed up the process, you’ll also be able to utilize the mobile app to add your kit and scan in items with One-Key’s built-in barcode/asset tag scanning feature (which draws on your device’s camera) as you add them to your job box. Using the mobile version of the tool kitting feature, you’ll be able to group like items in your tool “kit,” either as you add new items to inventory or from inventory dashboard. Similarly to web, you can also search for your items (keyword, model number, custom tool number, etc.). 

Additional functionality in both mobile and web-based apps, once your kit has been added, you’ll be able to: 

  • Change items in your kit (should your equipment needs change) 

  • Transfer kit (send your kit to another jobsite/project, or back to the crib when your project has concluded) 

  • Audit kit (confirm everything is accounted for at the start of your job, or that everything’s returned at the end of the day, and communicate discrepancies via audit report to the tool team) 

  • Disassemble kit (once your project has concluded, and you want to unassign your items back to your general inventory)  

What’s Coming Next? 

 We’re excited to get this functionality into your hands. We’ll update you with an announcement when it’s live. Additionally, we’ll be adding support on how to take advantage of this feature, so keep an eye out for:  

  • Support article, to be published on our support portal. If you haven’t already, be sure to bookmark this page as we’re constantly adding new content to support our new feature launches. 

  • Support video, to be published to our YouTube channel. If you haven’t already, subscribe to our channel and ring the bell to ensure you’ll get notified when we upload the new video. 

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