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Welcome to ONE-KEY™ Resources: Your News Center for Everything Happening in the App

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We’re pleased to announce a new, exciting feature of our website: ONE-KEY™ Resources.

The One-Key team is always hard at work—we launch new features every month that help make managing equipment easier. With how quickly the program is expanding, we owe it to you to do a better job of communicating what’s new inside the program. Far too often, we get suggestions or ideas for something we could do in the app that already exists. It’s clear there’s an opportunity to do a better job of keeping you up-to-date. 

October 7, 2019 One-Key Team

This is where One-Key Resources comes in. 

The main page of a resources page on tool tracking

We’re excited to start an ongoing conversation with you. We want to share the newest features of our app with you, to keep you in the loop and make sure you, and your team, are always getting the most out of our app. But we’re also eager to continue hearing your feedback, so we can constantly improve our app and help your team be more productive.

One-Key News

To start, you can now check into One-Key News, where we’ll frequently be updating you on what’s going on in the app. 

The news section of a resources page on tool tracking

And don’t worry about missing an update: “Now Here” and “Coming Soon” articles will be regularly published to respectively announce the latest available app functionality, as well as to build awareness and excitement for what’s in the works. 


We learn the most from you, our users, and want to share some of the amazing things we see in the field that help make inventory management run smoothly. We also view it as our responsibility to keep you reliably up-to-date on this rapidly-evolving industry.Company blog discussing iOS 13 tool tracking changes

Our Blog is a space for our internal team to share their insights. Its goal is to inform, educate, entertain, and inspire you and your team. It’s intended to provide credible information written on topics that our team is passionate about and that directly impact your day-to-day, including but not limited to:


We don’t spend too much time patting ourselves on the back. That said, Press is intended not just to highlight One-Key press shout outs, but also (and, we think, more importantly), to provide you with relevant in-the-field product demos. Company website featuring press articles

Here, for your convenience, we’ll bring in the most recent and most relevant One-Key reviews and featurettes, to give you the full story. 

Your Ongoing Feedback is Welcomed

Any content you’d like to see in the future? Topics you think we’ve missed? 

Whether it’s a specific story you’d like us to cover, a type of content you’d like to see from us, or an app feature you think we should tackle, we are always excited to hear your feedback. On the other hand, if you’re passionate about One-Key and would care to share a success story, we’re always excited to hear from you and share your story.

Any of the above, please feel free to shoot us a line at 

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