As senior asset manager covering two of TDIndustries’ Texas markets, Nate Sexton knows what it takes to keep track of his extensive inventory. That’s why he relies on Milwaukee Tool's One-Key.

“One-Key is exactly what we need,” Sexton said. “There are some tool programs that are built to do 10 million things, which can sometimes make them difficult to use. One-Key is simple, with fewer clicks per task. Having learned its capabilities and worked with the One-Key team over the last eight years, I couldn’t fathom not having such a practical tool.” 

TDIndustries is a premier mechanical construction and facilities management company based in Dallas, Texas. Founded in 1946, TDIndustries is 100% owned and operated by its approximately 3,000 employees. The firm offers services that run the gamut, from design-build, mechanical engineering, manufacturing, facilities management, inspections, repairs, and the installation of emergency and automated “smart” building systems.  

Sexton and his team have been managing the tools and equipment inventories for the firm’s San Antonio and Houston locations for nearly two years. He also collaborates with One-Key’s product teams, providing feedback on how to improve the app’s functionality. 

“It is more than just a tracking system or tool. One-Key helps you cultivate a better relationship with Milwaukee,” he said. 

Of TDIndustries’ active assets in San Antonio and Houston, there are thousands of power tools, many of which are from Milwaukee Tools’ very own One-Key line of solutions, with tracking technology embedded. Each of his remaining tools in those geographies has a Bluetooth Tracking Tag, or the older generation of TICK Tool and Equipment Trackers, which he also uses to track other pieces of gear—everything from ladders to trash buggies and tool boxes.  

Keeping all these plates spinning can be a challenge. Sexton says that One-Key makes it a lot easier. Sexton uses One-Key for tracking, conducting audits, storing vital information, and inventory projections. The tracking feature has been particularly useful by revealing the locations of lost tools that otherwise may have remained missing.  

One-Key is also invaluable in helping him justify future inventory needs. In a recent example, he was able to use One-Key to figure out the precise number of ladders needed to replace those that had been recorded in the app as either lost, damaged, or retired.

“There are so many distractions in the construction world,” he said. “Having a product like One-Key enables us to be remote, mobile, and have quick access to what we need.”