David McCloud has worked as an electrician for the last 16 years. He’s active in his union (shoutout to International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers Local 570) and enjoys playing fantasy football with his friends outside of work.

“What I love about my job and the [electrical] industry as a whole is that when you’re done with a day’s work, you feel like you’ve done something that not only you enjoy, but other people are going to be able to enjoy,” McCloud said. “You’re providing lights and power for people to go about their daily lives.”

After traveling around the country for a few years, he now works as a journeyman electrician at Robles Electric Solutions, a small “mom and pop shop” in Tucson, Arizona.

This is where he was first introduced to ONE-KEY™. The inventory management features of the app have become indispensable to the daily work of tracking and assigning his tools. 

“I really don’t understand how other contractors I’ve worked for don’t use this kind of technology,” McCloud said. “They seem to be stuck in the pen and paper days.”

Now, every power tool in McCloud’s inventory is either part of the One-Key line or is tied into the app with a ONE-KEY™ Bluetooth® Tracking Tag or ONE-KEY™ Asset ID Tags.

Prior to One-Key, mornings could get hectic as multiple work crews geared up their trucks and scrambled to reconcile their work kits for the day. As crib manager, One-Key enables McCloud to rapidly transfer tools from one kit and user to the next instead of having to log everything by hand.

“It takes me maybe a minute to check in a tool and check it out. It’s just a quick scan and out they go. It makes mornings so much easier.”

One-Key has also helped foster a culture of accountability within the workplace.

“It’s not just a ‘hey, yeah, just go ahead and grab that $2,000 tool off the shelf’ type of scenario,” McCloud said. “When [employees] found out they were going to be held accountable for missing tools, then they really paid attention to it. It makes people focus on what it is that they’re doing with these tools and how they’re treating them.

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